The Story...

In the ten years of presenting Mr. Lincoln, my travels as the 16th President have taken me outside my home base of Central Illinois to Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, California, and Alaska. Some highlights among the hundred plus performances or appearances include:  presenting my one person show,  "A Touch of the Poet" at the opening ceremonies at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in 2005 in Springfield, IL; also performed the show at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in 2009; and again at a Springfield First Night celebration. I was featured at the "Portraying Lincoln: Man of Many Faces" premiere showing over 40 works of Lincoln related art in Decatur, IL.  At the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, I have appeared several times at Lincoln commemorations.

In addition to performing Lincoln programs, I have delivered many speeches as Mr. Lincoln on topics ranging from the law, rivers and streams, love of animals, the presidency and the war years,  religion, and life in the early 1800's among many others.  Venues include: courthouses, museums, corporations, churches, schools, hotels, and civic auditoria.

Many appearances are only "meet and greets" or short introductions.  Fees vary depending on travel, lodging, time spent, and nature of event.  Please feel free to contact me and ask about the requirements involved.


“Lonn Pressnall portrayed Abraham Lincoln at the Grand Opening of Missouri Historical Society’s display of the Smithsonian Institute traveling exhibit:” The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden.” Lonn was also present at our VIP Reception the night before and did an absolutely fabulous job entertaining our guests with his folksy demeanor and colloquial speech. I would recommend Lonn for any gathering or event where an authentic and, perhaps just as important, easy to work with Abraham Lincoln is needed.” 
Barnes M. Bradshaw, Events Coordinator, Missouri Historical Society

“Lonn Pressnall’s presentation of Springfield’s best-known resident is authentic, thoughtful, and genuine. Lonn’s deep appreciation for Abraham Lincoln is apparent in his vast knowledge of stories, folklore, and historical accounts. Lonn has quickly become downtown Springfield’s favorite Lincoln”.

Megan Derrig-Green, Event coordinator, Downtown Springfield

“Students were fascinated by Mr. Pressnall’s presentation and it inspired them to further their study of Abraham Lincoln.”
Kristy Hayes, Glenwood Intermediate School, Chatham, IL

“Abraham Lincoln told us all about his family. He also told us about getting kicked in the head by a horse when he was nine and why one eye is different from the other.”
Madison Hickey, 4th grade student at Glenwood Intermdiate School

“Lonn Pressnall brought the spirit of Abraham Lincoln alive for all of our students.” 
Toni Musgrove, Genwood Intermediate School Chatham, IL

“After coming into contact with many Abraham Lincoln portrayers over the last two years as Executive Director of the Macon County Historical Museum, an official “Looking for Lincoln” Coalition site, I found Mr. Pressnall’s portrayal of Lincoln to be one of the most insightful into the real character of the President, while not forgetting to capture and to express the true humor of Lincoln.”
Patrick McDaniel, Executive Director , Macon County Historical Society